Type CSS

Type CSS is a lightweight, responsive framework that emphasizes readability and minimalistic design. Type CSS is not intended to be a fully fledged framework in the same vein as Bootstrap or Foundation, rather it is intended to be used for small single page websites, blogs, or as a starting point for a larger web project.

GitHub Repository

Demo Page

Web Typography Demo

The web typography demo shows simple steps that can be taken to improve readability of text. Utilizing jQuery to dynamically alter a piece of sample text, users can toggle settings and see which components of typography have the most impact on text.

Web Typography Demo

Oregon Trail Name Generator

A small web application for generating a “Wild West” nickname. Utilizes Typed.js, jQuery, Simple Responsive Grid, and Google Fonts. Intended to replicate the look and feel of the original Oregon Trail computer game.

Oregon Trail Name Generator

Calcutron 5000

Calcutron 5000 is a JavaScript-powered calcuator with vintage styling. It is inspired by the big, bulky, ugly beige calculators of the 1980’s, complete with chunky keys and loud keypresses. The application began as part of a DailyUI challenge posted to CodePen and has since been refined to be responsive across most screen sizes, layout improvements, keypress sounds, and better JavaScript calculations.

Check out Calcutron 5000

Goff Surname DNA Study Web App

A small web application for displaying DNA test results, grouped by known families. Built using PHP and a SQL database, with front end using SkeletonCSS and datatables.js to format and display the data.

Goff Surname DNA Study